Phoenix Bat Removal and Control

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Our bat removal service is ready around the clock and available throughout Phoenix including Cave Creek, Carefree, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Peoria, Arizona.

Bats play an important role in our environment by controlling insects, but they quickly become unwanted intruders when a colony invades your home. Much like “rats with wings” they can squeeze into remarkably small spaces and can be incredibly difficult for an untrained person to remove. Their droppings (bat guano) are a biohazard and bats also are carry diseases, including rabies.

Don’t take a chance – call a professional bat removal specialist immediately! Do not try to trap or catch a bat on your own. We’ll trap and humanely remove the bats so that it will never threaten you or your loved ones again.

Most Common Phoenix Bat Removals:

  • Removing bats from attic
  • Removing bats from the fireplace
  • Removing bats from crawl spaces
  • Bats in churches
  • Bats in schools


How to Get Rid of Bats

Many homeowners have asked how to safely remove bats from their property. Our advice is that there is NO safe technique for home or business owners to remove a bat from their property. If you suspect there are bats in your home or business property, immediately call a professional. Bats carry a number of diseases, along with ticks and parasites. Bat droppings (known as guano) are smelly, attract other nuisance creatures and can cause respiratory problems.

DO NOT touch or disturb bat guano as it is a biohazard that may cause histoplasmosis, a potentially deadly disease caused by inhaling the fungus in guano.

The removal of bat guano requires special protective masks, airscrubbers and vacuums. We have the technology and experience to properly remove this biohazard according to local and federal regulations.

To Get Rid of Bats:

  • Identify entry points in your home or office
  • Carefully seal all points of entry
  • Install a one way exit valve or netting
  • Clean all bat guano
  • Carefully monitor for any traces of new guano

More Information on Arizona bats

With 28 identified species, bats are common in Arizona. They are found in every region and in every habitat throughout our state from the deserts to the forest. While most bats eat insects, two Arizona species live on the nectar from plants to survive.

Diseases from bats:

Like many wild animals, bats may carry a number of diseases. If you are bitten by a bat, seek immediate medical attention from a doctor or qualified health care provider.

Rabies – The most serious disease carried by bats is rabies. Be very careful if you see a bat flying during daylight hours or if you find a bat paralyzed or unable to fly. If a bat is found on the ground, leave it alone and keep all pets and children away. Rabies infected animals should be captured or killed by a trained professional and tested by a laboratory.

All Arizona bats are protected under the state law and it is a crime to kill or collect them. Using pesticides or other chemicals on bats is also against the law.