Phoenix Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal Phoenix – Allen Animal Control (602) 524-4450

Our dead animal removal service is ready around the clock and available throughout Phoenix including Cave Creek, Carefree, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Peoria, Arizona.

Cities and counties provide dead animal removal from the streets and right-of-way areas; however, owners of private property are responsible for the removal of dead animals on their own property. If you see a dead animal in the road or right-of-way, please call the municipality responsible and ask for an immediate pickup. Follow this link for a list of city and governmental phone numbers for dead animal pickup.

Deceased Pets

It is always a difficult and emotional time when a pet passes. We understand your pain as love animals and work with them daily. Don’t compound your stress, anxiety and grieving – simply pick up the phone and call us. We will come to your home and pick up your pet and treat you and your pet in a caring, humane and respectful manner.

Dead Animal Removal

We specialize in the removal of dead animals and wildlife. Regardless if an animal dies in your attic, underneath your home or within an interior wall, our dead animal removal experts can locate the animal and remove it. This is a common occurrence and we regularly remove dead mice, birds, coyotes, racoons, cats, dogs, javelina and other wildlife.

CAUTION: A word of caution to anyone contemplating the removal of a dead animal from their home! Many bites and wild animal attacks occur while property owners are trying to remove an animal they believe is already dead. Wild animals seek protection when sick, hurt or injured and may appear to be dead. Some animals, like bears, also hibernate and may be sleeping for long periods of time. Do NOT attempt to remove a wild animal without professional assistance.