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Rattlesnake Removal
The Rattlesnake’s Warning Sound

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Our rattlesnake removal service is ready around the clock and available throughout Phoenix including Cave Creek, Carefree, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Peoria, Arizona.

When a rattlesnake invades your home or business, it is an emergency situation. Don’t take a chance – call a professional immediately! A rattlesnake bite is extremely serious and can be fatal without immediate medical attention. If someone is bit, dial 911 immediately.

Most Common Phoenix Rattlesnake Removals:

  • Walls of the home
  • Under the porch
  • Inside the garage
  • In the rear yard
  • Behind cabinets in kitchen
  • In business or office

Rattlesnakes tend to avoid developed areas and are normally found in more natural undisturbed habitats. Each year, an estimated 8,000 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the U.S. Out of this incredibly large number, only about five bites will result in death. So, if someone gets bitten, the chances are over 99.99% they will recover; however, even with these odds, you should seek medical attention immediately. The most important factor in surviving a snakebite is the time elapsed from the bite until treatment. Most deaths occur between 6 hours and 48 hours from the time of being bitten.

How to Get Rid of Rattlesnakes

Many homeowners have asked how to safely remove a rattlesnake from their home or business.  Our advice is that there is NO safe technique for home or business owners to remove a rattlesnake from their property.

If you even suspect there is a rattlesnake inside your home or business, immediately call a professional and try to track the snake’s location from a safe distance until a snake removal expert arrives.  Remove all children, elderly adults and animals away from the area, as snakes can move at surprisingly fast speeds.  The best defense against rattlesnakes is to prepare your home or business against an invasion by these predators.

To Get Rid of Rattlesnakes:

  • Remove Shrubs
  • Fill Openings Under Your House
  • Remove Wood Piles
  • Minimize Grass and Keep it Cut Short
  • Control Rodents and Insects
  • Eliminate Food Sources
  • Remove Existing Rattlesnake Nests
  • Install Rattlesnake Fencing


More Information on Rattlesnakes

Scientists have identified 36 rattlesnake species in North and South America. Arizona is home to 13 species, more than any other state. Contrary to popular myth, the age of a rattlesnake cannot be determined by counting the segments of its rattles. The snake’s prey includes birds, amphibians, small mammals, reptiles and centipedes.

If you encounter a rattlesnake, be EXTREMELY careful as one bite can be fatal! According to the Arizona Poison Centers, less than 1% of bites result in death.

More facts about rattlesnakes